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Making Trouble (Girl In The Moon Pt. 2)

by The Californian

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Gonna take a train to the end
and turn right back around
tell 'em i forgot the one thing
i never really found
but it's everywhere
well honey if you come with me
then we're gonna be
making trouble

well, there was this little girl yelling at the moon
"hey what's it all about"?
Moon said "beats the shit out of me but
let's help each other out"
But she wouldn't dare
Well by the end of this tune
that girl and the moon are
making trouble

woke up one morning in the middle of the sea
with a dead fish sleeping next to me
hold your breath long enough to realize what you've got
you only get in trouble if you get caught

You be the horny princess I'll be the tricky frog
You can be the bloody knuckles I will be the thirsty dog
You could be the end and I will be the gun
You be everything in the world, I'll be the only one
Making trouble


released July 6, 2011



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