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A Billion Grains Of Sand

by The Californian

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pre-release stream of our track A Billion Grains Of Sand from our upcoming debut album! enjoy!


there's a hole
and under the freeway we go
and there's and old
old yellow radio
and there's a man
and his skin shows the time
and there's a dam
and that, damnit, holds in my mind
and there's a boy
and he can't count to five
and there's a girl
the girl's been buried alive
and there's a king
and the whole world's his crown
and he sits in his thrown of nothing upside down
and there's you
and you're holding my hand
but i'm a hole
I'm a billion grains of sand

there's a sign
and it wraps around my heart
and there's a line
in there that shows where you start
and there's an end
where the good stuff begins
and there's a trendy bucket to hold your sins
and there's a love
so much bigger than you
and there's a lie
and a kick, and I hate you too
and there's a hole
all the way to china we'll go
and there's no way to know
if we'll make it back home
and there's a break
where the sea meets the land
but it's a fake
it's a billion grains of sand

before this whole castle washes away
there's one thing i need you to say
"i wanna know where you begin and where i end"

there's a burn
and it hurts in reverse
and there's an urn
so small it guilt trips your purse
and there's a pain
one that won't wash away
down the drain
that drain that sucked the whole day
but there's a line
and that line ate the sun
and there's a wine
of sand and salt on my tongue
great big freaking wide open sky
a cloud looks like U and a cloud looks like I
there's a hole
filled up with all the love that you had
I am that hole.
I'm a billion grains of sand.


released June 28, 2011



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